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2022 AAU Festival Fiesta Classic Club Results!

A great weekend of Volleyball at the 2022 Festival Fiesta Classic for Momentum Volleyball Club! As a club, we won 53 matches and won 116 total sets! Several of our teams won their brackets and had some amazing plays and comebacks! A special shout out to our top 3 finishers in their divisions.

MVC 14 Navy 14 Navy went in ranked #21. They won 12 of their first 13 sets to start the tournament including 11 straight sets going 6-0 into bracket play. They upset the number 1 overall seed and was ranked number 1 overall heading into the final bracket day. They made it to GOLD and lost to a really tough Altitude team in a Nail-biter 24-26. They went 12-3 overall sets and 6-1 for the tournament finishing tied for 5th overall. Congratulations on an incredible weekend!

MVC 16 Navy 16 Navy went in ranked 27th. They upset #15, #14, #11 and #7!! They won 14 sets and went 7-2 finishing 2nd in Bronze! They finished 12th overall! A great performance 16 Navy!!

MVC 17 Navy 17 Navy won 8 sets and finished in the Bronze division. They went in #25 and finished #15 overall including an upset win over #16. This was one of the toughest age divisions at the tournament.

MVC 15 Navy 15 Navy caught fire on day two and three winning their last 4 matches and 8 of their last 10 sets. They won Copper Division!

Special shout outs:

MVC 18 Navy was ranked #40 and upset the #2 overall team in straight sets!

MVC 13 Navy won their final 8 sets and went 4-0 in their final 4 games winning their flight bracket!

MVC 12 Navy has one of the greatest comebacks we’ve seen in a long time. Being down 0-15, came back to win the set and then won the next set to take the match!

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