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Boys Summer 2023 Events, New Dedicated Facility Announcement!

Updated: May 23, 2023

BOYS SUMMER EVENTS: This information has been emailed out to all players who are on our email distribution list. If you did not receive this info several days ago via email, please visit and sign up for the Boys Summer Email Distribution list or scan the QR code below so you don’t miss out on upcoming event announcements or any program changes. See you in June! Feel free to share with friends who may be interested in attending events at Momentum!

New Dedicated Facility

We are proud to announce that the stars have aligned for us, and we have signed a partnership deal with Haven Church! Our club will be the main anchor tenant at their brand-new multi-purpose facility, which will be dedicated to housing our Boys Volleyball program year-round. We will be occupying the gym from 5 PM until 9 PM Monday through Thursday all-year long. This will allow our boys club to be at one central location and open up some of the previously occupied school gyms for our girls program. The facility is located at 59th Ave. and Cactus directly south of Ironwood high school. We thank our new friends and partners at Haven Church for this amazing opportunity!


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