Vanessa G.jpg

Vanessa Gardona

Assistant Coach


Phoenix, AZ

Years of playing experience/where played/ awards earned: 

I’ve been playing since 5th grade. I started playing club ball in 8th grade. I also played and graduated from Mountain Ridge High school.

Years of coaching experience: 

4 years

I coached at Stetson Hills middle school for two years. Now I am going on my second year as the assistant varsity coach at Westview High school.

Additional Certifications:

Associates from GCC. Working on getting my bachelors in Early childhood Education at ASU.

Greatest Coaching Moment: 

Went to the championships my first year coaching at Stetson Hills.

Why I coach: 

I coach because I like helping and watching athletes improve in skills and personal development. I grew up with two older brothers always pushing me to do my best at everything I did. So, my goal every time I get a new team, is to be a mentor to the athletes, someone they can look up to and trust.


I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age 15. I love to travel and do spontaneous things.