Taylor Ayers.jpg

Taylor Ayers

Assistant Coach

Name: Taylor Ayers


Coaching position: Assistant Coach


Hometown: Peoria, AZ


Years of playing experience/where played/awards earned: 

I started playing club volleyball when I was 10 years old. I played at Sunrise Mountain High School; one year of JV and three years of Varsity. I played on the University of Arizona Women’s Club Volleyball team. 


Years of coaching experience:

This will be my second year coaching volleyball at Momentum! Last season I was with the MVC 13s.


Coaching Philosophy/Why you love to coach: 

I want to inspire all of my players to be the best player they can be on and off the court. It’s an amazing sight to see a team of players become a team of one on the court. 



When I am not coaching volleyball, I’m either studying, working out at Orange Theory, or hanging out with my family.