Steve Treguboff_ Coach

Steve Treguboff

MVC 15 Black Head Coach

Name: Steve Treguboff

Coaching position: MVC 16 Black Assistant Coach

Hometown: A native resident to the west valley. I was born and raised in the Peoria area and still reside in Peoria.


Years of playing experience/where played/awards earned:

Most of my playing experience comes from playing basketball.  In high school where I was part of the 1984 state championship basketball team at Peoria High School then moving on to play for the Glendale Community College basketball team.

Years of coaching experience:

I have over 30 years of coaching experience from coaching all levels of High School Basketball as well as Volleyball in both the girls and boys areas. The last 10 years I have been the Boys Varsity Volleyball coach at Peoria High School as well as the girl’s freshmen coach for the last 4 years.

I am NFHS Coach Certified for interscholastic high school sports as well as Impact Certified by USA Volleyball.

Greatest personal coaching moment:

My greatest moments in coaching come from watching my players take all the lessons of hard work, skills, team work to achieve a level of success that they can demonstrate and feel.  When my players feel this happening this is what builds true confidence and at that point you can see players really begin to grow. “To feel is to believe”.
Coaching Philosophy/Why you love to coach:

I love coaching because it is one of the last places I know where young people can learn so many lessons that will translate into their growing lives.  They will learn about hard work, dedication, team work, personal sacrifice, failure, success, hardship all while becoming a great volleyball player, if they choose.  In their future they can rely on all those lessons to help them with all aspect of life.  So let’s get to work at creating success!



 I enjoy watching Hockey, Basketball and Volleyball and love watching good movies. I love the outdoors and spending time with my wife Deanna and Children Austin and Alexa.