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Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Hello! It has been a lot of work and coordination, but we are excited to provide you with as much info regarding our upcoming club season as your brain can possibly handle! We will continue to post here, on our social media and to our email lists.

We are projecting our largest season ever! We have had almost 200 Girls Registered for our Open Gyms and Evaluation nights in the last 48 hours. We are prepared and fully staffed to form anywhere from 13-15 teams MAX! We generally like to stay around 12-13 teams, but if we have the turnout and the talent then we will consider adding a few more. The ages of teams currently listed are not guaranteed, just our best guess! This may change based on tryout registration. If we have a large influx in one of one age groups instead on another, we may change the extra team based on registration. I would recommend being patient and flexible!

Whats Next?

First, We encourage all players to register and attend our pre-tryout events (Open Gyms and Evaluation Nights) You must Be Registered to attend. This allows our coaching staff to see your players compete more than just a few hours at tryouts and for your players to meet our coaches!

Next, review our season information and pricing below. You will need to purchase a USAV Membership for your player through SportsEngine in order to Register and attend ANY club tryout in AZ. We have created a walkthrough video on our registration page to assist with the new process.

Once you have obtained your players USAV Membership through SportsEngine, you will be able to register for our Tryouts using their membership ID.

If you know 100% that you are ready to register for MOMENTUM Club tryouts, our tryouts registration is NOW OPEN! See below for info! We will be emailing those on the tryout registration list with more details regarding how tryout day will look prior to the event.

Thank you all for your support of MVC! We can't wait to have our best season yet!

Greg and Glennda Freeman

For The Overall Season Info (Including Team Projections and upcoming events!)

For Girls Season Pricing and Tentative Schedules:

For Girls SportsEngine, (New USAV Membership instructions) and Tryout Registration:

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