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MVC Boys 2022-2023 Fall Club Tryout Information

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Congratulations to all the players who made one of our 9 Teams today! We are excited to get the season started!

Please make sure that if you are planning on coming to tryouts, that your player has an active USAV membership and then complete the official tryout registration. Link provided below. Club Tryouts are USAV Sanctioned events and memberships are required to participate at any club tryout in AZ. You will not have time to do this the morning of the tryout. We will not be available to walk you through getting your memberships if you wait until the last minute as we will be very busy preparing and checking in players. We have provided all of the instructions below, and on our website. We have also provided printed packets and handed out during open gyms and evaluation nights.

Important Reminders. SEE BELOW FOR MORE DETAILS.

  1. Ensure your player has a USAV membership before tryouts!

    1. If you played last season, your membership is good until September 1. You will need this membership number to register for tryouts. Log into your parental sportsengine account from last season to obtain your players membership ID number.

    2. If you did not play club, or are new to club, you will need to follow the instructions to purchase a summer/temporary membership for your son to participate in tryouts and practices. This temporary summer membership is only valid until 9/1/22. If your player makes a club team, you will need to purchase the full year membership again. We will provide instructions if your player makes a club roster.

    3. For questions regarding your membership please visit: Join the Region (

  2. Register for Tryouts with Momentum

    1. Once you have your players membership, and you know you are coming to tryouts with momentum, please REGISTER FOR TRYOUTS HERE

  3. Bring the filled out required forms listed below to tryouts and included in this attachment with the tryout fee, potential deposits/payments with you to tryout morning. Players who are not registered, and who do not bring their documents with them, will not be eligible to try out.

    1. USAV Medical Release form

    2. 2022-23 USAV Concussion Form

    3. 2022-23 Safesport Form

    4. If this is your first year playing club, bring a copy of your players birth certificate

Tryouts and Info Packet 2022 Boys
Download PDF • 289KB

For questions or concerns please reach out to our Boys Club Director Damon Mays. and CC

Upcoming Open Gyms and (Open House) Evaluation Nights:

Evaluation nights are opportunities for players to be evaluated by our coaching staff prior to club tryouts. These are very important to attend if you plan on coming to tryouts. Players should come to both nights if possible. We only have about 1-2 hours on the morning of tryouts. Evaluation nights allow us to have conversations with your players about what positions they play, experience, attitude, leadership skills, etc. This helps ensure they are placed on the most appropriate team if they come to tryouts. NO contracts or season commitments are allowed to be made during evaluation nights. Coaches will be running drills similar to a tryout and taking notes. Players should come focused and prepared as this is treated more like a formal tryout. This event is CLOSED to parents.

We really need players to come to the appropriate age groups for evaluation nights. For example: Incoming freshman should come to the 15U eval session. This is not an indication of what team they will be on. This is only for our coaches to be able to have adequate time to identify their individual skillsets. Teams will be formed at tryouts based on several factors (Age, Skillset, Positional team needs, etc.). Our club prefers to keep players in their USAV assigned age groups. However, there are circumstances in which MVC reserves the right to roster players where we feel is the best fit based on the above determining factors and team needs. See PDF below for new 2022-2023 age definitions.


Tryouts and Info Packet 2022 Boys
Download PDF • 289KB

Boys 2022 Pre-Tryouts Rolling Document
Download PDF • 398KB


Momentum Volleyball Club

Boys 2022-2023 Fall Season Information

We are excited to announce information regarding our 2022-2023 Boys Fall Club Season.

** All information provided in this packet is subject to change** We will continue to keep you posted on any changes via email,, Facebook, and Instagram etc.

ALL PLAYERS MUST REGISTER FOR TRYOUTS. Link provided in this packet.

What to bring to Tryouts: You must bring all of the required documents in order to try out.


o If this is your first year playing club, bring a copy of your birth certificate

General Tryout Information:

· Date: Saturday, August 13th

· Time: 11AM – 5PM (See Specific Session Times Below)

· Location: Great Hearts Glendale Prep 23276 N 83rd Ave. Peoria, AZ 85383

· This is a closed tryout to parents.

Tryout Sessions: (Payment and Uniform fitting will follow each tryout session)

15s/16s: Check in at 11AM. Tryouts will be from 11:30AM-12:30PM. Players born on or after July 1, 2006.

17s/18s: Check in at 1PM. Tryouts will be from 1:30PM-2:30PM. Players born on or after July 1, 2004 or Players born on or after July 1, 2003 and a high school student.

14 & Under: Check in at 3PM. Tryouts will be from 3:30PM-4:15PM. Players born on or after July 1, 2008.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

· Can I stay to watch my son during tryouts?

o No, this is a closed tryout to parents. Parents will be asked to leave or wait in their vehicle and will be given a time to return.

· How will I know if my son makes a team?

o Players will be notified at the end of the tryout session if they made a team or not. If your player makes a team, they will contact you right away and you will be asked to fill out the required tryout paperwork, forms, contracts, etc. You will then go to the payment table to turn in your $600 commitment deposit. During this time, your player will be sized for their uniforms.

· What happens after I complete my tryout paperwork?

o Once your paperwork is complete, you will be given updated next steps, contact info, practice info, practice schedules, etc.

· When and where will practices be if my son makes a team?

o Practices will be either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday from 6-8pm depending upon which team they make at tryouts. Practices will be held at either Deer Valley Middle School or Desert Sky Middle School depending on the team.

Membership Requirements:

All players will be required to have an active USAV Player Membership through SportsEngine to register for tryouts, participate in tryouts, and the club season. This is required for ALL Clubs in AZ.

If your player played club last year/season: Their membership is still good until September 1st . When you register for tryouts at MVC, it will prompt you to log in to your SE account and enter your player’s membership ID number. If you don’t know his number, log into your SportsEngine account to obtain your USAV Membership ID number. You will need to renew your players membership before September 1st, 2022 in order to continue to participate in the 2022 club season. Additional information can be found here

If your player did not play club last season: Per the AZ region, Any person that was not a registered member for last season that is ending Aug 31st but will be participating in August for tryouts must purchase a discounted Summer Membership for the remainder of August. Visit: and follow the instructions under the section MEMBERSHIP PURCHASE AREA. The PARENT/GUARDIAN must create a login for SportsEngine (regardless if the player is 18 or not). Once the parent has a login, they can follow the instructions on the region site to purchase the Summer August Membership and ADD the player info. At that time, you will obtain your membership info for your player. You will then be able to pre-register your player for tryouts with MVC. You will click the pre-registration link and login to your SportsEngine account. You will need to enter the membership ID for your player. You will need to purchase the full membership for your player before September 1st if he makes a roster which will be good through September of 2022.


Season Information:

Practices will be held in the Deer Valley School District (Either Desert Sky Middle School or Another DV School Location). Practices will be either Monday/Wednesday 6-8pm OR Tuesday/Thursday 6-8pm. Practices may be moved intermittently to 7-9pm to avoid school events. Practices will begin the week of August 15th.

We will have 2 practices a week heading until region finals in December. If your team participates in any National Qualifier tournaments in January, we will run practices through December and January. Practice dates/times may be adjusted due to schools being on breaks for the holidays.

All teams will participate in the AZ Region Tournament Schedule: Specific times and locations will be provided the Tuesday before each tournament. Games usually begin around 9am and can last until into the late afternoon. All Region Tournaments will be held in AZ.

We will also be participating in additional local tournaments this year that are not put on by the AZ region to provide more playing opportunities for the players.

Tournament Schedule: (subject to change)

Region Tournament #1 – September 17th

Feel The Rush Invitational – September 23rd & 24th

Region Tournament #2 – October 1st

Region Tournament #3 – October 15th

Region Tournament #4 – October 29th

Region Tournament #5 – November 12th

Region Championships – December 3rd

SCVA Boys National Qualifier – January 20th – 22nd (Las Vegas, NV)**

**The SCVA National Qualifier tournament will be for Nationals/Travel teams only.


All players will be required to pay a ($25 CASH Only) non-refundable tryout fee. This covers facility use and fees for tryouts.

2022-2023 Momentum Club Teams Total Dues (All Teams): $1400.00 per player + $550 Initial Deposit

If a player makes a roster, we will require either a cash/check payment in full, OR an initial deposit of $550 Cash or Check (Made out to Momentum Volleyball Club) immediately following tryouts. We will not be taking credit or debit card payments at tryouts. Debit and Credit can be used for remaining monthly payments if you elect to not pay in full. The initial deposit covers the complete custom uniform package and August club expenses.

· Includes approx. 30, 2 Hour practices on either Mon/Wed OR Tue/Thurs

· Facility fees and coaches' salaries/expenses

· 6 Full Day Region Tournaments including Region Finals + Feel The Rush Invitational (2 day tournament)

· Full uniform package (2 Custom Jerseys, 2 Pairs of Shorts, Backpack, Warm Up & Player T-Shirt)

· Extreme Speed and Conditioning Training Sessions (during practice times)

· NCSA Free Player Profile for Recruiting and discounts for paid service options

All Teams Total Fee: 1950

Payment Plan Option: $550 initial deposit due once player makes a team - day of tryouts

4 payments of $350 (Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec)

Pay in Full Total Fee: 1950

No Deposit, No Payments

*If you choose a payment plan, you will pay via Teamsnap. Payments made through Teamsnap may include a transaction fee.

Travel/Additional Tournaments: (SCVA National Qualifier in January for eligible teams)

Each additional travel tournament during the fall season, will be a flat $450 fee per player + your own travel expenses for Hotel and/or flight if needed. Getting to and from the tournament is each families responsibility. Parents can elect to carpool players together at your own discretion. Multiple Player are allowed to share hotel rooms as long as there is at least one parent or guardian of one of the players in the room with them for the entirety of the tournament. You will need to let MVC Club officials know who is staying together so we can notify the tournament and ensure we are in compliance with the stay and play policy. All National/travel teams will be participating in the SCVA Boys National Qualifier in Las Vegas, NV. Payment for this tournament will be due at the beginning of January. ​​If your team participates AND wins a bid at a National Qualifier tournament, you will be required to attend the National Championships in late June. We plan to offer opportunities for our Nationals teams to compete in Summer Nationals (May-July) with Momentum upon completion of high school season. This season pricing and scheduled will be announced in 2023.

Financial Obligations:

All players will need to agree to a financial contract at tryouts. Once you sign your contract, you are committing to the team and to the club for the season. Our dues are divided by player. The deposit amount is your commitment to the team. This saves your roster spot and allows us to order the full custom uniform packages for your player. You are required to pay your season dues in-full regardless of if your player is unable to participate due to injury, personal decision, or is released due to code of conduct violations. Club volleyball is not a month by month program. MVC provides a payment plan option as a courtesy to our families. Again, this is not a month-to-month program. We pay in full for uniform packages, for our facilities to secure contracts, tournament and region entry fees, insurance expenses, equipment, uniform packages, salaries, extreme speed and other vendors etc. in order to provide this opportunity for our players. These expenses are divided amongst each player on the roster and are expected to be paid. Our club will pay all of the expenses up front for the season and “float” the overhead to allow payment plans for families. Please read your financial contract in full before signing. (Example: The last season tournament is in December. As a courtesy, we extend our payment plans into December so that your payments are spread over an extra month which creates a lower monthly payment for you. If you player does not participate in the December tournament for any reason, that does not mean get to skip the December payment. You are still required to pay the season total in full.) Additional details and payment contract will be provided at tryouts.

Also included in your dues is access to our partners:

NCSA - “We are truly excited to announce a new partnership with Next College Student Athlete (NCSA), the largest, most-trusted recruiting network in the world. We realize that playing collegiately is a goal for many of you and this partnership represents another resource to ensure you maximize this once-in-a lifetime process. What does this partnership mean? • You’ll receive a free profile listed in the largest database of college coaches • Every family should schedule a Recruiting Assessment to learn more from the NCSA Team • If you’d like to invest in a premium NCSA membership which will provide you additional resources and access, families will receive a special team discounts.

Extreme Speed Training: The Extreme Speed Trainers have decades of combined training experience in speed and athletic performance training. The Extreme Speed Trainers have trained nationally and internationally since 1997. Their objectives are to develop solid athletes, help individuals and teams become stronger, more competitive, confident, and successful. Extreme Speed builds better athletes. EST has created a customized program for Momentum Volleyball athletes to assist with conditioning and educate them in injury prevention

Spooner Physical Therapy: We are excited to have these valuable resources available for our club athletes! They will be helping us with Warm up/Injury Prevention materials, Will be Participation in parent meetings, providing Coaches education on injury prevention, other items of interest that Spooner can provide and providing all athletes access to PT appointments! More info to come!

We want to continue to express our gratitude to all of the parents and players who continue to come back and support what we are doing at MVC. If there is any way that we can improve our communication or your experience, please let us know! - Greg and Glennda Freeman and our Boys Director Damon Mays

2022_2023 USAV Age Definitions
Download PDF • 108KB

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