Momentum Updates! 6/17/2020


We wanted to provide you all with an update regarding our girls and boys club programs and potential upcoming events over the summer and into the fall. We are making every effort to get back on the court!

As of 06/17/2020:

We have our Boys Directors Forum at the end of this month. All indications are their WILL be a boys season, but it may be pushed back 1 month. The goal is to let the players get back into schools and get settled in before we run open houses and tryouts. We will know more after our meeting, but fully intend on running a season!

We are still planning on being very active (Hopefully in June) with camps and clinics, but our main focus is starting events for boys and girls in July due to gym availability. As you know, we do not own our own facility are completely dependent upon facilities allowing outside renters.


Great Hearts Glendale Prep just opened their gym for internal activities. They are in their first phase of opening. They are only allowing 10 players in the gym at a time and have very strict guidelines. Coaches can’t hit volleyball directly to players, each player must have their own ball, temperatures will be taken at the door, volleyballs need to be disinfected, coaches will wear masks, etc. We are in conversations as we speak to lock down potential Fridays and Saturdays at Great Hearts under these same restrictions. Once they move onto the next phase, they will allow up to 50 people in the gym.

As you can imagine, we had over 175 players with our club this season (not including all the new players reaching out to attend our events). Being limited to only 10 players per session makes it extremely challenging to provide opportunities to everyone, but once we lock down dates and additional gym contracts, we will announce our registration process and get events scheduled!

Peoria Unified School District Schools are also starting to allow internal events to begin with extreme limitations. They are NOT allowing any outside renters into their gyms yet. They are going to discuss again near the end of this month and let us know for July. We are first priority for several gyms within Peoria Unified and we hope they approve use for use beginning in July.

Deer Valley Unified Schools has provided us no updates or information at this time. We have been attending their board meetings online and we are hoping to have access to gyms in July as well.

In addition, we have contacted several additional churches and private facilities. Many of them are opening up, but have events of their own that they would like to plan before allowing outside renters to use their facilities. We have two additional ones that sound hopeful!

Also, please keep in mind, our first priority is maintaining the safety of our players and coaches. We are staying updated daily with the CDC and ADHS. School districts and other facilities are watching the numbers in Arizona closely and are becoming more hesitant as the COVID stats continue to rise.

We all really want to get back to playing volleyball ASAP, but we need to continue to make responsible decisions. We are aware that other clubs are operating with the assumption that AAU festival will still be running. I guess only time will tell if that tournament will still be allowed to run. Momentum has chosen to not run teams in this tournament for several reasons previously outlined.

Unfortunately, this is not going away in Arizona right now. If this doesn’t slow down soon, schools and gyms may be more resistant to opening up to us.

Gov. Ducey will be speaking today at 3pm today. Here are the recent covid stats from today. Arizona Corona Virus is National News and is a top hot-spot in the country. 

Arizona broke record-highs on Tuesday when overall hospital capacity in the state hit 85 percent, according to the Arizona Department of Health Services.

The number of new daily coronavirus cases continues on an upward trend. On Wednesday, Arizona reported 1,827 new cases, bringing the total count to 40,924 confirmed cases of COVID-19. The day before, the state reported 2,392 new cases, a record single-day high since the outbreak began.

ICU bed capacity in Arizona has reached an all-time high of 83 percent. Wednesday's hospitalization count of 1,582 COVID-19 patients was 62 percent higher than any single day of hospitalizations before June.

Ventilator use is also higher than ever before, with the most recent figures being 44 percent higher than those before June. The Arizona Department of Health Services reported that 346 ventilators were in use as of Wednesday to treat patients with COVID-19.

We want to thank you all for your patience and hope you all continue to remain safe and healthy. We will get back to volleyball as soon as we can get gyms under contract and when they do, we will ensure we provide the safest environment for everyone attending. Stay Tuned!

Greg and Glennda

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