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Momentum 15s FORCE ends season strong!

Congratulations to our Momentum 15 Force Team who just finished their USAV-AZ Region Club season yesterday! This team started the season ranked 55th and finished in 23rd out of 76!They moved up 33 positions since January! That shows how much they have improved in 4 short months. They played incredible all day yesterday and almost pulled off a HUGE upset against #1 Overall. They have all improved so much this year, but most of all, they always seem to have a blast together. They are the first team to bring home a medal and trophy for Momentum! We are so thankful for all of these players and their awesome parents for being part of our first club season. Congratulations! We are excited to have most of you back for extended season! Thank you to Coach Bri and Heather for the time and dedication to this team all season. #momentumAZ #momentumVB #123Force #15Force

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