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Updated: Aug 11, 2021


If your player falls into the USAV Age definition for the 15s age group. Please have them come to both sessions tonight (they only need to pay once) OR just come to the later session check in at 7.

WE ARE GOING TO START CHECK IN TONIGHT FOR THE 15s and OLDER at 7PM so we can begin right at 7:30.

Last evaluations is tonight before tryouts! Wednesday August 11th - Boys 2nd Evaluations Night @ Desert Sky Middle School . $10 Cash at the door.

Freshman and Under group will check in between 5:50-6PM and run from 6-7:30PM.

Sophomore-Senior age group will check in be at 7PM and run from 7:30-9:00PM. 15 year olds can come to both sessions, but we prefer that they can stay for the older session.


Thank you to those of you who already registered for tryouts. We have about 30 players who have indicated they are coming to tryouts, but are not registered yet. You will be turned away at the door if you are not registered, no exceptions. USAV and MVC will not allow you to participate. Please make sure that if you are planning on coming to tryouts, that you REGISTER for tryouts and have an active USAV membership. This is a USAV Sanctioned event. You will not have time to do this the morning of the tryout. We will not be available to walk you through getting your memberships if you wait until the last minute as we will be very busy preparing and checking in players. We have provided all of the instructions below, and on our website. We have also printed packets and handed on Monday. We will hand out again tonight along with the required forms to bring on tryout morning. Also attached to this email. See below for previously emailed communication.


We have put together a single rolling PDF document for you regarding the 2021-2022 Club Season, which includes the documents that your player will need to bring with him to tryouts. The region also announced that club season tournament #5 will now be on November 13th.

Important Reminders.

  1. Come to our last evaluation nights If possible 08/11. (Click Here for session times and info). Please ensure your player comes prepared as this is a much more formal night in which all club coaches will conducting evals and interviews with players. Players are welcome to ask any coach questions about the season and guidance on how to have the best tryout possible!

  2. Ensure your player has a USAV membership before tryouts!

    1. If you played last season, your membership is good until September 1. You will need this membership number to register for tryouts. Log into your parental sportsengine account from last season to obtain your players membership ID number.

    2. If you did not play club, or are new to club, you will need to follow the instructions to purchase a summer/temporary membership for your son to participate in tryouts and practices. This temporary summer membership is only valid until 9/1/21. If your player makes a club team, you will need to purchase the full year membership again. We will provide instructions if your player makes a club roster.

    3. For questions regarding your membership please visit: Join the Region (

  3. Register for Tryouts with Momentum

    1. Once you have your players membership, and you know you are coming to tryouts with momentum, click this link and register for tryouts.

  4. Review the attached Rolling Document for Tryout Session Times, Pricing, Schedules, and Club Season Information. Print and fill out the below forms. These documents are also available on

  5. Bring the filled out required forms listed below and included in this attachment with the tryout fee, potential deposits/payments with you to tryout morning. Players who are not registered, and who do not bring their documents with them, will not be eligible to try out.

    1. 2022 USAV AZ Region Covid 2020-2021 Waiver

    2. 2022 USAV Medical Release form

    3. 2022 USAV Concussion Form

    4. 2022 Safesport Form

    5. If this is your first year playing club, bring a copy of your players birth certificate

For questions or concerns please reach out to our Boys Club Director Damon Mays. and CC

Upcoming Evaluation Nights:

Evaluation nights are opportunities for players to be evaluated by our coaching staff prior to club tryouts. These are very important to attend if you plan on coming to tryouts. Players should come to both nights if possible. We only have about 1-2 hours on the morning of tryouts. Evaluation nights allow us to have conversations with your players about what positions they play, experience, attitude, leadership skills, etc. This helps ensure they are placed on the most appropriate team if they come to tryouts. NO contracts or season commitments are allowed to be made during evaluation nights. Coaches will be running drills similar to a tryout and taking notes. Players should come focused and prepared as this is treated more like a formal tryout. This event is CLOSED to parents.

We really need players to come to the appropriate age groups for evaluation nights. For example: Incoming freshman should come to the 15U eval session. This is not an indication of what team they will be on. This is only for our coaches to be able to have adequate time to identify their individual skillsets. Teams will be formed at tryouts based on several factors (Age, Skillset, Positional team needs, etc.). Our club prefers to keep players in their USAV assigned age groups. However, there are circumstances in which MVC reserves the right to roster players where we feel is the best fit based on the above determining factors and team needs. See PDF below for new 2021 age definitions.

2021 Boys Age Definition
Download PDF • 83KB


Download PDF • 585KB

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