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Boys All Region Award Winners!

🏆 Help us In Congratulating all of the MVC Boys Players who won all-region awards for their school season! We also had two of our Coaching Staff receive Coach of the Year Awards! (Josh Olshan and Tate Abbott!) This list is massive! So cool to see so many MVC players! A great testament the the year-long hard work these boys put in on the court during club, school, and the off-season! Also great to see the impact we had on continuing to grow the sport and level up the competition on the west-side. Congratulations to everyone! Can’t wait to get you back on the court this summer!🏆 All Region

6A Desert West Region

1st Team - Karsyn Upton (Liberty)

2nd Team - Tyler Cloward (Liberty)

2nd Team - Spencer Worlton (Liberty)

2nd Team - Alex Sedwick (Mountain Ridge)

Honorable Mention - Alex Kornack (Liberty)

6A Metro Region

1st Team - Brandon Chavarria (Alhambra)

Region Player of the Year - Brandon Chavarria (Alhambra)

Region Coach of the Year - Josh Olshan (Alhambra)

5A Northwest Region

1st Team - Jordan Shinaut (Sunrise Mountain)

1st Team - Drew Van Treese (Sunrise Mountain)

1st Team - Radu Iosifescu (Sunrise Mountain)

Region Offensive Player of the Year - Jordan Shinaut (Sunrise Mountain)

2nd Team - Connor Riley (Sunrise Mountain)

2nd Team - Blake Bergstrom (Sunrise Mountain)

2nd Team - Landon Corrie (Centennial)

5A Desert West Region

1st Team - Tucker Lambert (Canyon View)

4A Black Canyon Region

1st Team - Francis Gannon (Northwest Christian)

1st Team - Broc Hansen (Northwest Christian)

Region Offensive Player of the Year - Francis Gannon (Northwest Christian)

Region Defensive Player of the Year - Broc Hansen (Northwest Christian)

Region Coach of the Year - Tate Abbott (Northwest Christian)

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