Megan Mittendorf - Head Coach.jpg

Megan Mittendorf

Head Coach


Phoenix, AZ

Years of playing experience/where played/ awards earned: 

I played at Arcadia High School where I was a Right Side and Middle Blocker. I also played at SEVC club focusing on the same two positions. After high school I did not continue playing and focused on program of study.

Years of coaching experience: 

I am the girls Varsity Volleyball Coach at Apollo Highschool. Last year I coached for a 16's travel team outside of Momentum.

At Apollo, I am rebuilding their program. It has been a great experience to not only get to work with Varsity but all the levels to create a more dynamic and cohesive program.

I am also a teacher at Apollo High School.

Greatest Coaching Moment: 

My greatest coaching moment so far has been working with one of my players on a specific skill. We worked on the skill almost daily until they were able to master it. Not only, did they have an amazing play using the skill they also are showing other players how to do it!!

Why I coach: 

I coach to not only show girls how to become great volleyball players, but also give them skills to be successful in life. I love coaching because it allows me to do this through something we all love!


I trying new restaurants/foods. I also love being outside and taking time to go up and explore Northern Arizona.

I look forward to a new club season! I cannot wait to get started.