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 Kory Peterson

MVC 16 Black Head Coach

Name: Kory Peterson

Coaching Position: 16-1 Head Coach

Hometown: Mesa, AZ

Years of Playing/Where:

Played competitively for 6 years: 5 Club Seasons, 1 year of JV in High School as a Freshman, 3 years of Varsity Volleyball, 1 year at Ottawa University. But have played in some way or another for the last 13 years.


Awards while playing:

College Awards: All District First team, Player of the Tournament Once, 2 Tournament First Teams. Senior Year: All-Sate First team, All-District First team, Wolf Howl first team, Top 5 in Kills, in Arizona. Junior Year: All-District First Team, Wolf Howl Second Team. Team Captain for Junior and Senior year, MVP and Offensive Player of the Year for Junior and Senior year (Awarded by teammates).


Coaching Experience: 7 Seasons

Places/Levels/Ages Coached: Momentum Volleyball Club: 2 Years, 16s Head Coach, 14-1s Developmental Head Coach. Desert Ridge High School: 2 Years, JV Head Coach and Assistant for Varsity. Barry Goldwater High School: Assistant for Varsity. Burn Volleyball Club: 2 years, 16-1s Assistant Coach.

Greatest Personal Coaching Moment: When coaching at Desert Ridge High School for the JV team, we faced one of the best teams in the state, Gilbert HS, and they smoked us the first game that we played them in the season, but then about a month later we played them again and we beat them in a tight game that went to three sets. I was super proud of my student-athletes because they were facing players that had all played volleyball much longer than them, but they had put in the work to get better and come out on top by the end of the season.

Coaching Philosophy/ Why you love to coach:

My coaching Philosophy is that the most important thing is to show growth as individuals and as a team, we could win every game and get no better, but I would rather win less games and continue to get better as individuals and as a team. I also believe that we play like we practice so we would always need to have fast paced and competitive practices. The reason I love to coach is because I love the game of Volleyball and I love to share that love by teaching others how to play at a high level where the game gets truly fun!



 VOLLEYBALL/ Coaching Volleyball, Spending Time with my Wife, Playing with and training my Dogs (I have 3), Football, Basketball, Board Games, Swimming, Video Games and Watching Movies.