Jacob Guerber_ Assistant Coach_edited_ed

Jacob Guerber

MVC Middles/Front Row Specialty Coach & Rotating Assistant Coach

Name: Jacob Guerber

Coaching Position: MVC Middle Specialist Coach and Rotating Assistant Coach

Hometown: Mesa, Arizona

Years of playing/ where played/ awards earned:

I have played for about 4 years. I played at Desert Ridge High School in Mesa, AZ; while attending I received the award of Most Offensive Player both my Junior and Senior year, made the All-State Team both years. While at Nationals I made the All-Tournament Team and am currently on scholarship to play at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix.

Years of coaching experience: I have spent about 3 years helping at school volleyball camps and clinics.

Places/ Levels/ Ages Coached:

Spiral Men’s Volleyball ages 14-18

Coaching Philosophy/ Why you love to coach: I love the environment created on the volleyball court with a group of young athletes. The opportunity I get to see younger kids come together and work to see who they can become not only on but also off the court! I want everyone out there to have the same chance I had to take their game to the next level. I am not the one who will change the athlete because it all comes down to how motivated they are, but I am here to push and encourage everyone to give their best effort and see where it can take them!

Hobbies: Volleyball is my life! Outside of that I love the outdoors; hiking, fishing anything of the such. I also love music and how it can change the mood of anyone.