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We are a Junior Indoor Volleyball Club located in Peoria, AZ. Our Girls Club Teams compete in the Junior AZ Division of USA Volleyball. We are excited to be forming teams again in all age groups for the 2020-2021 season!

All information leading up to Club Tryouts will be available on this page including: schedules, documentation requirements, pricing, coaches and much more! We update this information regularly. Please continue to check back for updates.

General Club Information 

Leading Up To Tryouts


Check what age division your player is required to play in based on their birth date. This is very important.  

It is important that your players try and attend as many pre-tryout open gyms and evaluation nights as they can to see if Momentum is a good fit for them. It also gives our coaches opportunities to meet the players and see them play.

Open Gyms are time for players to come in and play volleyball! A great time for them to meet other players who might be at tryouts, meet coaches, and work on individual skills prior to tryouts. These are $10 Cash at the door. Must be registered to attend!

Open Houses are generally times for players and parents to visit clubs and ask questions about the upcoming season and meet the staff; however, due to COVID restrictions no parents are allowed inside the gym for any of the events. We will do our best to post as much info for parents as we can. We will be using the open house nights as evaluation nights. Open House nights are FREE of charge. Players Must still be registered to attend.


Register for Open Gyms and Evaluation Nights Here:

For Players 12-14 Open House/Eval Night Events info and registration, click here

For Players 15-18 Open House/Eval Night Events info and registration Events info, click here



Players Trying out for Teams Ages 12-14

Tryouts will be at Barry Goldwater HS

Saturday 11/21


12's -  9:00am-11:00am
  13's -  10:30am-12:30pm
  14's -  12:00pm - 2:00pm

Players Trying out for Teams Ages 15-18

Tryouts will be at Valley Vista High School

Sunday 12/06

15's - 9:00am to 11:00am
16's - 11:00am to 2:00pm
17's - 11:00
am to 2:00pm
18's - 11:00
am to 2:00pm


You will receive more information regarding tryouts and how the day will look after you officially obtain your USAV Membership and Register for Tryouts with MVC. We will send this out via email to those registered prior to tryout day. Please only register for tryouts when you know for sure that you will be coming. If you do not have a membership and you are not registered, you will not be able to tryout.

Tryout Time and Locations

Times are subject to change based on registration numbers

Required Documentation

For Open Gyms/Eval Nights and Tryouts

All Forms Can Be Found On Our Documents and Links Page.


*MVC Participation and *MVC Covid waiver only need to be submitted to us one time. If you have been to any of our events in the past few months, you do not need to turn those in.


Open Gyms/Eval Nights

For Players 12-14 Open House/Eval Night Events info and registration, click here

For Players 15-18 Open House/Eval Night Events info and registration Events info, click here

*MVC Participation Waiver

*MVC Covid Waiver

**What to Bring Tryouts

You must bring a copy of your players USAV Membership card or your confirmation email to tryouts - To obtain your players membership, click here:

You must register for tryouts via Our Clubs Sportsengine Tryout Link - Click Here

If you dont register, you will not be allowed to participate

2020 USAV Covid Waiver

2020 USAV Medical Waiver Form

2020 Safesport Form

2020 Concussion Form

Copy of your players Birth Certificate if this is their first season playing club

**You will need to have a valid USAV Membership obtained through SportsEngine prior to attending tryouts!

Webpoint no longer exists. For instructions on how to obtain your membership, click here.

Projected Teams

We are expecting to form teams in the age groups 12-18. Players under the age of 12 are eligble to tryout and compete on a 12s team. Please check the age division from USAV and ensure your player is trying out for the correct age. Our Navy teams 14 and up are Nationals Teams. All Red teams and teams 13 and under teams are regional teams. This just means they will not compete in a National Qualifier tournament.

We plan on having multiple teams in each age division. 

If your player makes a Nationals Team roster and their team wins a National Bid at one of the Qualifier Tournaments, they are REQUIRED to participate in our Nationals Season starting at the end of May and finishing at the 2020 USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships in Las Vegas. These teams would practice sometime between June 25th and July 4th and have additional dues required.

We may decide to offer an optional extended season for teams who do not qualify for nationals or who are on a region team. This will usually include practices from the end of May through June/July. We like to try and keep the teams together so they can continue to play into the summer preparing for school tryouts. It will have between 2-3 additional friendly tournaments ending with the 4 day local Volleyball Festival at the Phoenix Convention Center. Fees will be announced during club season. **All tournaments are subject to change due to COVID. 

All 2's Teams will be regional teams that will not participate in National Qualifiers

These are only projections are subject to change based on attendance at Open House and Tryouts. We will run a max of 11 teams. If we do not form a team in one of the above age groups we may add a team in another age group IE: 12-2, 16-2, or 17-2

Tentative Coaching Lineup - Teams Projected

Coaching Bio's can be found here.