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Boys Fundraiser Information

Momentum Boys Volleyball teams will be participating in a club fundraiser selling custom discount cards.  These cards will sell for 20.00 and include a voucher for a $25 gift card to be used at over 18,000 restaurants across the country! So the buyer actually makes money! 

The card has over 300,000 national & local discounts (comes with our cards as the base program and is available to every supporter that purchases a card from you). In addition to the above, it also has custom local discounts as well! See list below.


View your list of nationwide discounts at;

CLICK ON MAGNIFYING GLASS and just pop in your zip code! Your supporters will be able to log into our website, create a profile, and redeem discounts nationwide by printing coupons, placing orders online, texting, or showing on smart phone etc.

Since we have discounts available across the country, you can sell to friends and family anywhere in the United States!

We ask that all player sell 5 cards minimum.


They can sell as many as they want and we can order additional. We usually get the cards next business day.

We would like to sell the cards starting 9/11 and collect all the orders at the 9/27 practice.

Here is how it works: 

  • The cards will sell for 20.00 each. (Cash or Check to Momentum Volleyball Club.)

  • Each player will make $8 per card sold. If player has balance with MVC, a credit will be applied towards remaining dues. If player has paid off their dues already, a check will be issued for the full amount.

  • Players will bring completed order forms and payments to practice on 9/27 and collect cards to distribute.

  • We do have 150 cards on hand right now, but we do not want to hand them all out before 9/27 due to players being liable if they lost.

These discounts are in addition to the Nationwide Database of discounts and the $25 savings certificate. 

discount card.jpg

The link to view the discounts and for family members to purchase cards outside of AZ is

**If you sell cards outside of AZ, you will be responsible for shipping them.


Here are all the documents:

1.  Sales Tracker Use this form to track your sales and record your payments. This is the form you will be turning in to the club. 

2.  The Instructions for Certificate is the form that I suggest you hand out to your supporters that buy a card. The purpose of this document is to answer the question most supporters will have, "How do I get my Restaurant Savings Certificate?"


3.  The Instructions for Online Discounts assists with the process of utilizing the online database of discounts. I suggest you hand out this form to your supporters that buy a card.


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