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Austin Treguboff

MVC 18 Black Head Coach


Austin Treguboff

Coaching position:
Momentum Boys 18 Black

 Peoria AZ

Years of playing experience/where played/awards earned:
I have been playing for 10 years now, played in high school and club volleyball. I still play competitive sand volleyball and indoor tournaments.

Years of coaching experience:
 I have been coaching for 6 years

Places/Levels/Ages coached:
I have coached high school girls and club 14s girls volleyball for Momentum. Also I’ve coached 16s and 18s boys for Momentum both teams went to Nationals this year!

Greatest personal coaching moment:
Taking a boys team to Nationals

Coaching Philosophy/Why you love to coach:
 I love coaching because I love seeing a group of individuals coming together and understanding the game of volleyball. I enjoy seeing that moment in a player when something clicks and they start to understand the game I’m a deeper way.

My personal hobbies are playing volleyball outside of coaching and being outdoors.

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